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All Artesian Ovens are shipped by freight, feel free to email us for a quote on shipping. The ovens will be  on a pallet when it arrives to your delivery site. You will either need a few strong guys or a forklift to unload your new oven. Placing the oven on your base is simple with a forklift or other type of machine. If you are doing it by hand, you may consider getting some ice blocks and setting them down where the oven will sit, This allows you to have room for your fingers to get out of the way and the ice will melt down and your oven will be in place! You should watch this closely as the ice can melt and shift and you will want the oven centered nicely on your base. You can also set some concrete blocks holding your oven in the proper place as the ice melts.


31” oven insert: $1,060.00
    Archway: $200.00
    Door: $150.00


36” oven insert: $1,230.00
    Archway: $200.00
    Door: $150.00

diy outdoor kitchen
42” oven insert: $1,495.00
Door: $175.00


31” oven with insulated floor
and oven insert, in a galvanized metal box. Customer can set on a base and build a decorative enclosure around the box: $2,400.00


 wood fired pizza oven

contact us for any special order ovens or additional questions on pricing.  
Customer pays all shipping costs,  a quote will be provided during the ordering process.  

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