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New Oven Design

We have been working on our new design for over a year, IT'S READY!


  • This unit is basically ready to go, only minor assembly required. Stack the block base, set the oven down, insert the decorative metal base front plate and it is ready to fire up!
  • Here is the best part, OUR PRICE! You are getting one of the best ovens on the market, we already have a low cost oven but this is a real deal!! Our retail price is $3250.00 You will NOT find a better built oven at a better price that is so easy to set up.

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outdoor brick oven
What you will get:
        - All the block and block glue.
        - Decorative metal front for block base.
        - Fully insulated, enclosed oven with a syntheic stucco finish.
        - Installed triple wall stainless steel chimney.
        - Installed decorative archway on oven entrance.
        - Door with decorative handles and built in adjustable draft.
        - Installation instructions.

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